Upgrading the Radiator and Cooling Fan on a 1969 MGB Roadster

In all the 18+ years of possession of our 1969 MGB Roadster it's ne'er hot, however a minor leak from the radiator in 2016 necessitated its modification thus I made a decision it absolutely was the correct time to upgrade the cooling system in preparation for consecutive eighteen years.
While checking on costs for a brand new radiator I came upon a corporation within the Netherlands giving associate metallic element radiator for not was more than a typical one, thus ordering was a no brainier. As luck would have it I ordered this regarding one month before a people voted to depart the EU and also the Pound plummeted against the monetary unit.

As the whole cooling system had to return apart I believed I might conjointly replace the engine driven radiator fan with an electrical one. I actually have fitted Ken owe fans to my cars within the past and whereas they worked utterly well I had 2 problems with them. First fitting with their universal fitting kit was ne'er that correct associated continually looked a trifle untidy and second the device was an odd bulb arrangement that fitted within the head of the radiator and slotted into an additional seal, that I found troublesome to form watertight.

This time I opted for a Revotec fan because it mounted each these issues. Every fan comes with an optical maser cut metallic element frame which inserts onto long bolts in suit of the traditional ones and also the device is embedded into a special section of metallic element tube that together with 2 short hoses replaces the traditional convoluted high hose. The Revotec came complete with an honest set of directions and every one necessary wires, connectors, and even a collection of cable ties to straighten out the wiring.

Inevitably my work concerned in commutation the cooling system does not stop there as whereas this was far from the engine compartment I clean it up the maximum amount as doable. The radiator surround and growth tank, I had antecedent's fitted, were removed and painted with black Smoothie and also the pump hub in yellow. The inner wings were clean, many areas touched in and every one polished. I replaced the lower hose, housing breather and oil cooler grommets at constant time whereas I had quick access.

Everything was put in comparatively swimmingly and with no issues. I wired within the fan and controller loosely to form positive everything worked properly, before I committed to cutting the wires to size and fixing it as tidily as doable.

The MGB all dismissed up 1st time and astonishingly there have been no leaks from anyplace. The controller worked well and when permitting the engine to heat up and also the fan cut in OK. It took many cycles to line it at regarding the correct in operation temperature. An honest tryout in varied conditions conjointly prove in, still while not seaworthy. The Revotec works very well generating a large air flow that cools the radiator terribly quickly and cuts in and out swimmingly. My solely criticism of Revotec is that obscurity within the directions did it say what amp age fuse was required to the fan offer. A fast Google search found this on the Revotec website. Thus, why on earth do not they embody it within the written instructions?

In theory removing the engine driven fan ought to conjointly unhorses many further bhp however no-one ever same what quantity. However, because the MGB was originally solely ninety-five bhp, and presumptive over the years this has born a trifle, even solely many bhp may create a five-hitter distinction though there wasn't any noticeable distinction throughout my tryout.

The new metallic element radiator and Revotec fan ought to serve the automobile well for an extended time and it gave ME the excuse to wash up the engine bay.

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